About Stormy Mind

Welcome to Stormy Mind – We help you to bring out the best in your child. We are a training Academy based in Varanasi, India that helps your child achieve the unimaginable, i.e. we provide training programs to empower students in the age group above 10 years. Every child is said to be a gift of God and has got some great potential that needs to be developed. There is a hidden talent in every child that remains unexplored. We at Stormy Mind help the child to develop the real power of their brain. We help them boost their confidence, enhance concentration and come out strong by using their brain power.
It goes without saying how much parents care for their kids and expect the very best for them. In order to achieve that, parents make several sacrifices and go to any extent. There are many parents in this world who have extraordinary children having extraordinary skills. These skills can be anything related to studies or some other activities in daily life that other children cannot do. One of such skills that several kids possess is Mind Activation. It's an unusual skill or you can also term it as 'power' which these children possess and it separates them from the rest. Now, most of you might not know the concept of Mind Activation. So let's see what it is?


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Our Vision

To set up a one-stop self-development academy throughout the world to improve the quality of life of global citizen.

Our Mission

To raise a new generation of responsible citizen with Active Mind and self-awareness.

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