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Welcome to Stormy Mind – We help you to bring out the best in your child. We are a training Academy based in Varanasi, India that helps your child achieve the unimaginable, i.e. we provide training programs to empower students in the age group above 10 years. Every child is said to be a gift of God and has got some great potential that needs to be developed. There is a hidden talent in every child that remains unexplored. We at Mind activation help the child to develop the real power of their brain. We help them boost their confidence, enhance concentration and come out strong by using their brain power. Read More

It goes without saying how much parents care for their kids and expect the very best for them. In order to achieve that, parents make several sacrifices and go to any extent. There are many parents in this world who have extraordinary children having extraordinary skills. These skills can be anything related to studies or some other activities in daily life that other children cannot do. One of such skills that several kids possess is Mind Activation. It's an unusual skill or you can also term it as 'power' which these children possess and it separates them from the rest. Now, most of you might not know the concept of Mind Activation. So let's see what it is?


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We know, you have several questions in your mind. Take a glance in our faq section. Hope You will know about you and us.

DMIT is beneficial for all age groups. Each age group will have a different takeaway from the DMIT report. It can help in introspecting as well as creating a future for each individual. Knowing a toddler’s potential at the early stage helps parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods. For young children who are curious to learn and can absorb more, discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligences at this age gives a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on. For teenagers and young adults it helps as a guideline in choosing the right career path. For Adults it is useful in understanding the career choices that they have made and in understanding their own personality as well as compatibility with other individuals.
Yes. Our fingerprints are formed in the womb and the “basic” pattern remains the same our whole life. Spanish Marcello Malphigi pioneered the scientific research on fingerprints. In his research, he discovered that individual fingerprints are unique. Later on, Dermatoglyphics experts proved that fingerprints are not only unique, but invariable as well.
In the earlier days, American doctors made the discovery of a strange case where the foetus was born without a brain and the syndrome was named \"Anencephaly\". In Anencephaly Syndrome, the doctor discovered that with the absence of the brain even the fingerprints areas were missing. Cases like this have been reported throughout history. It is also observed that during pregnancy, fingerprints and brain development happens simultaneously during week 13 to week 21, which made medical experts believe that the brain is related to the fingerprints.
Conventional Testing uses the questionnaire format, where most of the time answers can be influenced by the current emotional and mental state, whereas since DMIT analysis is based on fingerprints, which provides information on the person’s inborn abilities and thus it is unaffected by present conditions or parameters.
Our fingerprints are determined by our DNA and they have a direct co-relation to our brain’s makeup. At the 13th week of an embryo in the womb, skin ridges which cannot be changed in one’s lifetime begin to appear and are complete until the 24th week. This is in tandem with the embryo’s brain development. There is a very high degree of accuracy on the outcome of the DMIT analysis based on this co-relation of the brain and fingerprints formation.
Midbrain Activation is for the age group of 5 to 16 yrs. children because of their easy way of adapting new things and learning. We are in the process of testing the activation abilities for adults. We will be launching the Adult’s Midbrain Activation workshop soon. Kindly watch this space for further information. In case you are interested for the Adult workshop, kindly register below so we can contact you once our workshop schedule is available.
In fact it is very much useful for our human brain. We will be using music therapy during the workshop which as mentioned below is also used for curing certain ailments. Listed below are the uses of each type of music therapy: Gamma brainwaves help for the Cognitive Enhancement and Migraine Prevention in human brain.
According to the Japanese researchers, the memory increases one million times after the brain activation. Theoretically, a person should show improvement in studies because of the increase in memory and sensory capabilities. However, if a person is not interested in his/her studies, it is very difficult to improve because he/she uses the memory for other purposes that they are interested in. Parents should find out the root cause for no improvement in studies.

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he concept is new and nice. I got to know the hidden talents and learning style of my child and how to improve them. I would like to thank Max Mid Brain India for guiding us about this concept. The parenting tips given by team were very useful for good parenting. I would like to thank whole group and wish them good luck.

Dr.Arun Singh

Stormy Mind techniques are so much amazing and powerful. Just in two days my son has been miraculous sensor. He can read and sense while blindfolded. Great!

Abhishek Singh

We are thankful to "Stormy Mind " and the Team and very much satisfied with all the things discussed, the skills, Personality learning style, and behavior of our child. We have got good tips on Parenting style of our child. Thanks

Mahesh Kumar
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